Software Features Size
KoZiBu KoZiBu Free Version (the "1 Thermal Zone" V1.10 version is free) 9,2 Mo Download
KaLiBat KaLiBat Free Version 560 Ko Download
PAD file of the KaLiBat "Free Version" 13 Ko TÚlÚcharger
CoDyBa CoDyBa Free complete Version 1Z (single thermal zone) V6.5
(Caution : the setup doesn't work on 64 bits computers)
7,2 Mo Download
Manual only (in french) 0,4 Mo Download

All products run with Windows. The downloaded file has a "zip" format. It contains directly programms and data, or the contained files allow an installation while launching the SETUP. These versions are in english : more versions are available in french. The CoDyBa single zone version 1Z is now available for free. Some technical reports may be downloaded too.

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