French version

Software Version Prices (Euros) Demo Command to / Payement to
KoZiBu 1_Zone Free No TÚlÚcharger
n_Zones 250 (1 PC, n PC consult us) See 1Z Jean NOEL
KaLiBat Free Free No Download
Standard 250 (1 PC, n PC consult us) Yes Jean NOEL
CoDyMur V1.20 1000 (*) Yes INSAVALOR
CoDyBa 1_Zone Free No Download
n_Zones 999 (1 PC) / 2500 (n PC)(*) See 1Z Jean NOEL

No VAT, but for France (20 %).
(*) 1/2 price for Department of Education on "site" licences (n PC).

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